воскресенье, 20 марта 2016 г.

Judge John Hodgman on Requesting Everything You Spend in Lease

Julia writes: Our sweetheart, Paul, and that I simply shifted right into a home that's fancier than what we're both employed to. They frequently ask what we spend in lease while friends come around. Paul believes we ought to simply let them know, since they're possibly requesting to determine what's achievable for themselves. I disagree.

Paul is incorrect although good. Your pals are currently doing precisely what you believe: attempting to work out cash you've, wishing this can assist them experience O.K. about how much cash they've. Why this issue is recognized as impolite except in N.Y.C., where we're all creatures, this is. Charitably, they might be worried that you're likely to eliminate them since you're a wealthy snob might be meant by your new extravagant home. In either case, the very best solution would be to break your regular rent down to that which you spend on an hourly basis and allow them do the math.

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